Management Systems Implementation

Business competition and the growing demand from customers make organizations prioritize the quality and efficiency of their services. Thus, to maximize the efficiency of an organization and promote its sustainable development, processes must be managed through a systematic approach, considering the various internal and external factors that may impact it.


Knowing the importance of this adaptation, GC makes available its competences and know-how to assist companies in the implementation of Management Systems that enable a guarantee that the quality of an organization’s products, services and processes are in accordance with the standards.

» Quality
(NP EN ISO 9001)
» Environment
(NP EN ISO 14001)
» Information security
(NP ISO/IEC 27001)
» Food Security
(NP EN ISO 22000)
» Conciliation
(NP 4552)
» Occupational Health and Safety
(NP EN ISO 45001)
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